August 19, 2022

Saturday Emergency Broadcast Now Live: World on Fire — Sri Lanka Overthrown By Populist Uprising, EU Rocked By Maqui berry farmers Battling Globalist Takeover

Meanwhile, the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed, UK PM Boris Johnson resigns, Japanese leader assassinated, plus Putin threatens nuclear war.

On this live Saturday crisis transmission, Alex Jones breaks down how the spectacular collapse from the Sri Lankan government signifies a harbinger of items to come worldwide: mass protests are engulfing Europe because farmers rebel against the Excellent Reset, mass resignations associated with government officials are capturing cross the UK and other EUROPEAN UNION nations, and a former leading minister has even been assassinated.

Catch up on Friday’s bombshell transmission breaking down the assassination of former Japanese Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Shinzo Abe:

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