August 18, 2022

Uruguay Judge Orders Pfizer to produce Vaccine Ingredients, Suspends Use For Children

Legal order demands to know Pfizer’s experimental injections contain “graphene oxide” or “nanotechnological factors. “

Pfizer must turn over all information on its COVID-19 mRNA injection, including whether ingredients such as “ graphene oxide” or even “ nanotechnological elements” are part of its biochemical composition, a Uruguay judge ruled.

In the ruling issued last Sunday, Judge Alejandro Recarey also known as for the pharmaceutical giant to show the “ harmlessness” of “ the substance known as messenger RNA” that’s a essential feature of the experimental vaccine.

“ According to the decision, the Executive as well as the US laboratory must provide documentation on the composition of the vaccines, including the possible presence of ‘ graphene oxide’ or ‘ nanotechnological elements, ‘” Italy 24 reported on Monday.

Judge Recarey has also hanging Pfizer’s COVID shot intended for children under 13 years of age until the list of ingredients of those injections are known.

From France 24 :

Recarey understands that those responsible for minors who are vaccinated must be ‘ provided’ with a text ‘ that fully and clearly reports’ the information of the injections, their benefits, the risks involved in their supply ‘ with details of nature, probability ( y) magnitude’, and the ‘ adverse effects already detected, in full. ‘

The provisions of the contract agreed upon between the Uruguayan government plus Pfizer did not become general public in the South American nation of 3. 5 million inhabitants, which had an early vaccination campaign against covid-19.

Furthermore, the court purchase requires an explanation of regardless of whether studies have been conducted “ aiming to explain the notorious increase in deaths from Covid-19 as of March 2021 pertaining to the previous year. ”

“ Very especially, Pfizer will be instructed to convey within 48 hours – with the provision of documentary data if applicable – if the company has admitted (… ) the confirmation of adverse effects of vaccines against the so-called Covid-19. In general, and also in detail regarding the kid population, ” the record states.

Additionally , the court order needs to whether or not “ substitute therapies” have been studied to deal with COVID and why or why not, and “ in case positive, give the research outcomes — giving an account of whether those were used in Uruguay or not. ”

Children’s Health Defense president Margaret Holland rewarded the judge’s order, saying Pfizer offers “ hidden” its info to avoid “ liability. ”

“ I actually applaud Uruguayan judge Recarey for posing many sturdy questions to Pfizer over it is COVID shots and the legal agreements it imposed on Uruguay, ” Holland told  The Defender   in an email.

“ From the beginning, Pfizer seems to have hidden its data in addition to liability-free contracts to avoid liability from the shots, ” your mom added.

Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies with produced COVID-19 vaccines include refused to provide a list of their particular ingredients contained in their COVID shots despite the fact they’re indemnified and immune from solution liability.

A good batch of documents launched by Pfizer under a U. S. judge order right from Feb. 2022 have already demonstrated thousands of vaccine-related deaths in the first 90 days of the vaccine rollout in 2021.

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