August 7, 2022

‘I Don’t Have Anything’: Jean-Pierre System Highlights Incompetence of Biden Admin

2-minute compilation shows Biden’s press admin failing to answer basic questions throughout disastrous 7 days for administration.

The Biden administration had a disastrous week amid embarrassing flubs with the puppet president, damaging revelations , and continued policy failures.

Joe Biden’s horrible week was underscored by his very own push secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who also struggled to answer basic questions during a series of press briefings.

A two-minute compilation produced by the particular GOP Rapid Response group shows Jean-Pierre repeatedly telling reporters throughout the week that will she “ doesn’t have anything” to share — despite the fact that information-sharing is her primary job description.

The stonewalling press secretary appeared unsuspecting and clueless in the girl responses to reporters’ questions with responses like “ I don’t have anything to talk about, ” “ I’m never going to get ahead of the president, ” “ I don’t have any updates, ” and “ I can’t speak to that. ”

Meanwhile, a Monmouth University poll released recently shows Joe Biden’s acceptance rating sunk to a new low of 36% among record-high gas prices, meals prices, violent crime, plus inflation.

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