August 18, 2022

The state of illinois Gov. Pritzker: ‘Ban Attack Weapons’ & ‘High Capacity-Magazines’ Nationally

“There’s no reasons why someone should have 90 principal points at the ready, 30 in each of the cartridges that he utilized. And that’s just something I don’t think civilians must have, ” he proclaims.

Illinois Chief excutive J. B. Pritzker (D) called for a national “ ban” on “ attack weapons” and “ high-capacity magazines” in the wake from the mass shooting at Highland Park on July 4.

“ We need to ban assault weapons, not just in the state associated with Illinois but nationally, then high-capacity magazines, ” Pritzker said Sunday on CNN’s “ State of the Union. ”

“ There’s no reason why someone should have 90 bullets at the ready, 30 in each of the cartridges that he used. And that’s simply something I don’t think civilians should have. ”

“ And I’ve spoken to police since the capturing who would tell you that the size the caliber of the bullets which were being fired is much larger than the size, caliber, and acceleration of bullets than even police carry with them, ” he continued.

“ Why do civilians need this? The name of the tool that this shooter was using is the Smith & Wesson M& P 15. You know what M& P stands for? Military and police, and that’s who have, perhaps, should have these weapons, not civilians being able to just walk in and buy a single, ” he added.

Notably, Highland Recreation area already has unconstitutional weapon control laws – for example red flag gun laws – on the books, which obviously did nothing to stop the particular shooter.

The Highland Park shooting occurred over a week after May well Biden authorized a gun manage bill into law that expands background checks for eighteen to 21-year-olds and incentivizes states to adopt red flag gun laws.

Desperate MSM Blame Trump for Latest Mass Shooting

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