August 18, 2022

‘Where Your Training Wheels On? ’: Biden Heckled While Riding Bike in Delaware

Comes weeks right after 79-year-old Biden was caught on video taking a spill off his bike as was coming to a stop.

Joe Biden has been brutally ridiculed over his cognitive decline while driving his bike over the weekend.

Video shows a bystander flipping Biden the bird and yelling “ Hey! Where are usually your f*cking training wheels at? ” within earshot of the puppet president as he rode by on his bicycle Gordon’s Pond State Recreation area in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Sunday.

To add offend to injury, Biden informed reporters after his trip that he was wearing a helmet to endure “ tough” questioning.

“ I’m gonna to look like a fool here, ” Biden said. “ I put my helmet on as this is a tough interview. ”

This incident comes several weeks after Biden was caught upon video taking a spill away his bike as he came to a stop in order to speak with reporters and move hands.

This also comes as The  New York Occasions and Washington Post published scathing pieces about Biden admitted his advanced age and his improved signs of cognitive decline as relayed by White House staff and other operatives near to the puppet president are beginning in order to pose a political problem for Democrats ahead of the midterms and 2024 election.

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