August 7, 2022

“Alex’s War” Documentary Tops Apple iTunes Charts Despite Unparalleled Censorship

Independent documentary picked up by iTunes last week and already a top seller, despite currently being only available for pre-order.

A documented taking an in-depth look at radio host Alex Jones’ decades-long career in the face of unparalleled criticism and censorship soared on Apple iTunes’ film charts – even though not necessarily yet been released.

The impartial documentary “ Alex’s War , ” guided by “ TFW SIMPLY NO GF”   director Alex Lee Moyer, was picked up by iTunes last week and it is already a top seller, in spite of currently being limited for pre-order .

Indeed, the documentary is definitely holding its own among a small number of Hollywood-produced movies, according to Apple iTunes’ own charts, showcasing the film’s popularity one of the public despite Big Tech censorship efforts.

Discussing the film’s suppression, maker JJ Eisenman tells Infowars public interest in the movie is astonishing considering the quantity of censorship the film provides faced.

“ We’re hearing ALEX’S BATTLE is about 40 pre-sales away from being in the Top Movies on iTunes… that would be something the entire team would be relieved to see because we’ve experienced nothing but full suppression on interpersonal for the film thus far, ” Eisenman said.

“ This is not a film by Infowars – it’s a actual documentary by one of the best company directors out there, Alex Lee Moyer. Even as a totally independent manufacturing we can’t boost, or even advertise like any other film can without Facebook, Instagram, Google and TikTok rejecting our requests outright.

“ Decades shocking considering the last couple of years of censorship running uncontrollable, but this film simply by director Alex Lee Moyer is genuinely art, legitimate ciné ma vé rité. ”

He continued, “ Picture if the 1965 film, Shouldn’t Look Back, the incredible Bob Dylan vé rité documentary by the great M. A. Pennebaker, had simply been tossed out of flow for being TOO real for the world to see. That film didn’t present Dylan like a perfect, or even a good guy – and ALEX’S BATTLE is no different. We display the viewer the real Alex Jones – fly-on-the-wall, reality-based cinema and that’s it. ”

Excitement for that documentary among conservatives has been palpable on social media Monday, with many celebrating the film’s pre-order release on iTunes.

The film is due to hit select theaters & streaming This summer 29th, 2022.

Watch the official Alex’s War theatrical trailer:

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