August 19, 2022

New Dystopian Law Would Give Many Social Media Users a ‘Truth Score’

Another manifestation of the social credit score rears its ugly head.

In an additional manifestation of the onerous ‘ social credit score’ system, an amendment to a costs in the UK would mandate just about all social media users be given a ‘ truth score’ that pre-determines the accuracy of their posts.

The amendment has been proposed to be added to the already odious ‘ Online Basic safety Bill’, which would censor “ legal but harmful” articles, and was introduced simply by Conservative Party lawmaker Ruben Penrose.

“ Like something out of dystopian fiction, Penrose, the MP for Weston-super-Mare, has suggested that the government forces on-line platforms to maintain a rating of how truthful a person is, based on their past statements, ” writes Dan Frieth.

The amendment declares that any users who may have “ produced user-generated content material, ” published news or merely posted “ comments” or “ reviews” needs to be ranked by the platform under consideration, with a score given denoting their “ historic truthful accuracy. ”

The rules would apply to anyone that receives a certain threshold of online views, with that figure to be determined by the UK communications regulator OFCOM.

The user’s posts would then be “ displayed in a way which allows any consumer easily to reach an informed see of the likely factual precision of the content at the same time because they encounter it. ”

In other words, the new legislation would empower far-left social media platforms, under threat of government fines, to apply ‘ misinformation’ scores to the users of right-leaning users, with all the potential that such bad labels would then impact algorithmic performance.

This would basically represent a dramatic expansion of ‘ misinformation’ labels and partisan ‘ fact checks’ which are already applied to individual content, extending them to people.

Meanwhile, in a associated story , group of senior Conservatives, including Lord Frost, have warned that the Online Safety Expenses will lead to brazen censorship of political opinions.

“ The ratcheting effect on our civil protections is already happening in real time, ” states a letter resolved to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries. “ The Work Party has expressed the intention to expand the regulatory framework to include ‘ health-related misinformation and disinformation’. ”

“ This could lead to the state designating social media companies as the arbiter of truth online and presents serious problems for freedom of speech, ” the particular letter warns.

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