August 9, 2022

The far east Researching Creepy AI Face Recognition Technology Which Picks up ‘Party Loyalty’

Technocrats in the west licking their lips.

Scientists in China are building technology that uses AI face recognition to determine the citizen’s loyalty to the ‘ party’ and their subservience to state brainwashing.

Yes, really.

A video posted from the Hefei Comprehensive Science Middle which was subsequently deleted showed researchers using such technology to “ discern the amount of acceptance for ideological plus political education. ”

“ Communist Celebration members can then be assessed in the levels of “ dedication to be grateful to the celebration, listen to the party plus follow the party, ” reports the Telegraph .

Right after receiving negative attention, the video was removed from the institute’s website and Chinese censors began scrubbing all mention of it from social media websites.

“ The video showed a researcher looking at content extolling the CCP on a TV screen since his face biometrics data, skin electrical responses, plus brain signal information can be collected by the AI program, ” produces Will Henney.

The data collected by the program then rates a person’s “ learning attentiveness” and “ emotional identification, ” thereby determining if they need to be further re-educated in order to display the proper level of support for the government.

As ever, technocrats on the western part of the country will be licking their lip area at the prospect of one day launching similar programs underneath the guise of a new social credit score.

The program bring flashbacks of the Department of Homeland’s Security’s ludicrous post-9/11 “ gait analysis” program, which proclaimed in order to detect future terrorists and criminals by the way they wandered.

As we record in the video below, countless Chinese people are already avoided from engaging in basic way of living activities, such as buying aircraft and train tickets, because of their political opinions.

As we highlighted earlier, mirroring China’s social credit program, an MP in the UK is attempting to pass a law that would force social media platforms to assign users a ‘ truth score’ which would then determine the veracity of the posts.

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