August 19, 2022

Leaked out Docs: FBI Infiated Proud Boys On Jan 6, Group Did Not Plan ‘Insurrection’

‘The Proud Boys were not associated with, nor did they encourage the breaking of the obstacles at the Capitol building, ‘ mole stated.

The Gateway Pundit obtained documents and text messages from a whistleblower showing the FBI apparently had a mole inside the Kansas City Proud Boys group on January 6th.

Later on Hoft of the Gateway Pundit joined Steve Bannon’s War Room on Monday to further detail the explosive leaked documents.

The information published Monday discloses the supposed informant told FBI handlers the Very pleased Boys did not participate in or inspire the breaking of the barriers  at the US Capitol.

The undercover FBI confidential source also said the group only meant to act as security for Trump supporters and to help all of them “ get back to their resorts safely” amid rumors of Antifa planning violence upon Jan. 6.

Despite texts showing the particular agency’s informant confirmed nobody in the group engaged in or even planned to be violent, users of the Kansas City Happy Boys as well as others this individual was associated with are dealing with decades in jail.

According to the leaked FBI report documenting the confidential source’s January 6th discussion together with his handlers, the mole mentioned, “ The Proud Boys were not involved with, nor did they encourage the breaking of the barriers at the Capitol building. ”

He also described the audience as acting in an unorganized, “ herd mentality. ”

Regarding the group entering the capitol, the original source claimed they were trying to cease violence between protesters plus police.

“ The KC Proud Kids (KCPB) in attendance on the rally entered the Capitol building 30 minutes after the developing was breached to help deescalate Trump supporters and law enforcement, ” the testimonial explained.

The Happy Boys allegedly “ informed people to stop acting such as anarchists and leave” prior to starting to pick up garbage after garbage cans were thrown at law enforcement by those who stormed the building.

The particular FBI source added, “ No one from KCPB had been involved with the battery of a law enforcement officer, nor do anyone damage property in the capital building. KCPB after that went back to a rental home and adhered to the curfew in place. ”

The statement was provided towards the FBI on the evening associated with January 6th and that same day, the informant was also said to be communicating with them via text message.

One leaked screenshot shows the original source telling the FBI, “ PB did not do it, nor inspire. ”

Based on The Entrance Pundit , the agency’s mole offered videos and photos captured during the Capitol debacle which were used in courtroom and resulted in individuals becoming raided by the FBI and arrested.

The particular whistleblower documents add to the evidence that American patriots are now being unjustly held as political prisoners of the Biden administration.

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