August 19, 2022

New York City Releases First ‘Nuclear Attack’ PSA Since 1960’s

Respondents ridicule ‘life-saving’ advice.

New York City’s Emergency Management Department has released a PSA instructing residents what to do in the event of a nuclear assault, the first of its kind because the 1960s.

“ So there’s been a nuclear attack, ” states the female presenter in the starting scene of the video. “ Don’t ask me exactly how or why, just know that the Big One has hit. ”

She then outlines a number of “ important steps” for New Yorkers to consider, including getting inside a constructing and showering off any kind of radioactive dust.

The video also encourages individuals to sign up for alerts to be delivered to their cellphones.

Deputy EMD commissioner Christina Farrell told the radio station 1010 WINS, “ I don’t know if there’s actually a great time to put out the nuclear preparedness PSA, but it is very important, and we want Brand new Yorkers to be prepared— so no time like the present. ”

“ We know that this material is very severe and can be scary, frankly, but it is very important, ” she added. “ There is no particular threat at this time. ”

Although talking minds in Russia have occasionally made reckless threats in order to nuke America, the prospect of it actually happening is incredibly small compared to what it was in the 1960’s, when the final such video was released throughout the height of the Cuban missile crisis.

A lot more hardened cynics would suggest the PSA is just another effort to prolong the hysteria surrounding Russia in a bet to sustain support with regard to funneling weapons into Ukraine at taxpayer expense, despite the fact that Russia now appears to be winning as it takes vast swathes of territory.

Other respondents ridiculed the advice offered in the video, recommending that closing windows is going to do little to help anyone in a 15-megaton thermonuclear blast area.

“ If there is a nuclear assault, NYC is gone, ” commented another. “ This is about as helpful as hiding under a blanket. ”

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