August 7, 2022

Pro-Abort Berkeley Prof Accuses Sen. Hawley of ‘Violence’ for Saying Only Women Might get Pregnant

“I wish to recognize that your line of asking is transphobic and, um, it opens up trans individuals to violence, ” Khiara Connections claims.

Berkeley teacher Khiara Bridges woke-scolded Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Tuesday for questioning why she used the term “ people with a capacity for pregnancy” rather than women.

“ You’ve known people with a capacity for pregnancy, would that be females? ” Hawley asked.

Bridges ripped off her face mask and responded: “ Many women, cis women, possess the capacity for pregnancy, many cis women do not have the capacity to get pregnancy, um, there are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non binary people who are capable of pregnancy. ”

“ I want to notice that your line of questioning is transphobic and, um, this opens up trans people to assault, ” Bridges said.

“ Wow, that you simply saying that I’m opening up individuals to violence by asking whether women are the folks who might have pregnancies? ” Hawley replied.

“ Since denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist can be dangerous! ” Bridges said.

Tuition at Berkeley is currently $44, 115   for out-of-state learners.

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