August 7, 2022

Fauci calls for masks indoors plus warns US faces AN ADDITIONAL COVID wave due to ‘waning immunity’ to Omicron version

When he returns to TV right after his own battle with the virus

White House  outbreak advisor Dr .   Anthony Fauci  has returned in order to public duties following his own bout with COVID-19 and it is warning that the country could face a new viral surge due to ‘ waning defenses. ‘

On Tuesday, two weeks after his last public look in late June, Fauci appeared on  MSNBC   and joined the White House press briefing by video conference in order to warn about the spread of the BA. 5 variant, the subvariant of the  Omicron  strain.

He or she called on Americans to get vaccine booster shots and said health officials are actually ‘ recommending’ people return to wearing masks in interior group settings.  

Fauci, 81, had been lying low for several several weeks following a prolonged bout with COVID last month, yet appears to have fully recovered.

He first tested positive for the virus on June 14, and initially appeared to recover after taking the antiviral pill Paxlovid.  

Then on 06 28,   while speaking remotely at the Foreign Plan Global Health Forum, he or she revealed that his signs and symptoms had returned. It noticeable his last public look until this week.  

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