August 16, 2022

Nyc Times Defends Jan. six Provocateur Ray Epps As ‘Victim of Conspiracy Theory’

Epps caught in various videos inciting people to enter the Capitol and orchestrating breaches on barricades around the Capitol grounds.

The New You are able to Times inexplicably came to the defense of Jan. 6 provocateur Beam Epps on Wednesday, characterizing him as “ victim” of a “ conspiracy theory” that he was involved in the riot as an asset for the federal government on that day within Washington.

The Times first had to admit that will Epps did encourage people to breach the Capitol building – because he was captured on video doing so – but downplayed his function in knocking down the barricades that the paper itself reported culminated into the first major breach of the Capitol on 12: 50 PM.

“ Epps, 61, was not just a bystander Jan. 6. He traveled to Washington to back again Trump, was taped urging people to go to the Capitol plus was there himself when needed of the assault. But by way of a series of events that twisted his role, he became the face of this conspiracy theory about the FBI as it spread from the fringes to the popular, ” reported The Times .

“ Obscure right-wing mass media outlets, like Revolver News , used selectively edited videos plus unfounded leaps of logic to paint him like a secret federal asset in charge of a ‘ breach team’ responsible for setting off the huge range at the Capitol. ”

“ While Epps was a participant in some from the events that unfolded Jan. 6, the claim that he influenced the Capitol riot within a ‘ false flag’ story is solely based on the fact that he has never been arrested and therefore should be under the protection of the federal government . ”

Here are several video clips of Epps on Jan. five inciting people to breach the Capitol, prompting some within the crowd to call him a “ fed. ”

Here’s Epps claiming the “ Capitol is our enemy” while arguing with people to break in to the Capitol:

Here is Epps helping coordinate the initial breach of the Capitol barricades and participating in clashes along with police at the Capitol actions:

The days then obfuscated the fact that Epps provoked people to breach the Capitol simply by absurdly claiming that the individual who filmed him inciting individuals to breach the Capitol is at fact the real “ right-wing provocateur. ”

“ During the event, [Epps] was videotaped by a right-wing provocateur encouraging people to go inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 in what he described, even during the time, as a form of peaceful demonstration, ” The days reported.

Contrast The Times’ characterization of Epps along with Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer, who was billed for strolling onto the Capitol coffee grounds while actively discouraging violence at the Capitol building.

Likewise, on Tuesday the Jan. 6 Committee attempted to paint Infowars founder Alex Jones as an integral force at the rear of the riot at the Capitol despite him not entering the Capitol grounds.

In fact , Jones was seen on tape discouraging people from protesting at the Capitol.

Yet Epps is somehow the particular “ victim” despite encouraging people on video in order to breach the Capitol the day before and the day of the riots and actively breaching the Capitol barricades.

The Times’ defense associated with Epps is also undermined by the fact the FBI had placed Epps on the “ Most Wanted List” as “ Suspect #16” on Jan. 8 prior to quietly purging all information about him a day after Revolver News exposed his activities at the Capitol in a 2021 article.

In addition, if Epps had simply no connection to federal agencies, best DOJ and FBI officials would likely have admitted it when questioned by congress under oath.

Instead, they declined to answer any questions about Epps.

For example , in October 2021 Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to answer whether federal agents were embedded in the crowd on January. 6 and had instructed participants to breach the Capitol.

Likewise, the FBI’s National Safety Branch Executive Assistant Director Jill Sanborn refused in order to answer whether Epps or anyone else working with or just for federal agents encouraged rioting on Jan. 6.

If Epps had no hyperlinks to federal agencies upon Jan. 6, the federal government could have gladly proven it.

But instead, they’ve been stonewalling while the Jan. 6 Panel pursues the phone records of hundreds of other civilians at the same time they ignore those of Epps.

“ The sham January 6 House Select Committee has now subpoenaed  over 100 civilian cell phone records . However, you know the fix is in because they have stayed away from subpoenaing the cell phone records associated with Ray Epps. And Beam Epps is  just chilling at home   these days, under  the particular apparent protection   of the Phoenix FBI, ” Revolver Information reported.

Additionally , the Jan. 6 Committee took Epps’ claim he wasn’t working with the federal government at face value, quickly proclaiming Epps “ informed them” he was not working with or on behalf of any kind of federal agency.

But just a week ago, a FOIA request for all information on Ray Epps regarding Jan. 6 and the reason why he was removed from the particular FBI’s Most Wanted List was flatly denied by the DOJ , who claimed the ask for was an “ attack of personal privacy. ”

If Epps is definitely an innocent “ victim” swept up in the Jan. 6 debacle, why is the government doing every thing they can to prevent potentially exonerating information from being released?

Maybe it could be that the FOIA information wanted is even more incriminating, all things considered, Revolver highlighted a “ network” of operators besides Epps.

Plus why is Epps weighing legal cases against news organizations confirming on his activities rather than challenging the government clear his name?

Perhaps time will certainly tell.

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