August 7, 2022

Philippine President Suggests Americans Living Close to Border Come to South america for Cheaper Gasoline

‘We have decided it had been necessary for us to allow Us citizens… to go and get their gasoline on the Mexican side at lower prices’

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday offered Americans who reside close to the US border along with Mexico to enter his country and purchase gasoline with lower prices than that sold in the United States.

“ Since the energy crisis started, Mexico offers used 72 percent from the crude oil exports to the United states of america, ” Obrador said. “ While we’re waiting for prices or gasoline to go lower in the United States, we have decided that it was necessary for us to allow Us citizens who live close to the border… to go and get their gasoline on the Mexican side at lower prices. ”

Obrador made the remarks before his zwei staaten betreffend meeting with US President Later on Biden at the White Home.

Over the past a few months, the United States has been experiencing accelerating inflation, which the Biden management has dubbed “ Putin’s price hike” and blamed on many additional factors.

However , the majority of Americans see inflation as a result of the Biden administration plans and consider it the top problem, given the increasing power, food and other prices slicing deep into consumer’s investing power.

The trend will not be televised .

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