August 19, 2022

Surprise Video: Illegals Pour Away from Pickup Truck During Pursuit within Texas

Illegal aliens poured out of a pickup truck and fled into the night every time a human smuggler was pulled over by police in South Texas, according to reports. Dash camera footage released by the Texas Department of Public Security (TxDPS) shows approximately a dozen migrants being transported in the Dodge Ram reportedly powered by an American […]#@@#@!!

Illegal aliens put out of a pickup truck and fled into the night any time a human smuggler was pulled over by police in Southern Texas, according to reports.

Dash cam footage released by Texas Department of Open public Safety (TxDPS) shows around a dozen migrants being transferred in a Dodge Ram reportedly driven by an American resident.

“ A large group of illegal immigrants bail out of a human smuggler’s truck plus flee in Del Rio de janeiro, TX while being stopped by TxDPS, ” wrote Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, who published it on social media.

A woman presumed to be the drivers can be seen approaching the TxDPS trooper.

“ Why are you hauling illegals? ” this individual asks her.

“ They will just asked me for the ride, ” she response.

“ That’s a lot of trips, ” the cop responds.

It is unclear how many, if any, of the migrants had been apprehended.

Melugin posted video from another pursuit plus bailout in Texas last week.

“ More than twenty illegal immigrants crammed into a fake/cloned work truck bail out and jump in to the Rio Grande as their human smuggler is pursued by the TxDPS trooper and Border Patrol in Mission, TX in the RGV. Majority effectively swam back to Mexico, ” Melugin reported at the time.

Border Patrol says more than 13, 000 illegal aliens have got crossed into Del Rio de janeiro Sector in the past week on your own, far outpacing activity in different other sector.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the  Texas-Mexico border , as Infowars  regularly reports .

The revolution will not be televised .

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