August 16, 2022

Unvetted 10-Year-Old Abortion Story Uses Child Rape Victim to Push False Narrative

Fake news pushed simply by Biden without verification

Megan Fox of PJ Media joins Kristi Leigh to review her viral Tweets thread asking the questions that the mainstream media won’t.

President Biden even used the story of a pregnant 10-year-old who needed to cross state lines to get an child killingilligal baby killing in his speeches.

But this story came from one source – an abortion doctor activist – and many questions still remain.

Update: The particular Columbus Dispatch now reports an detain has been made, but why in the days leading up to this arrest was the Ohio AG unaware of any report made about a 10-year-old victim?

The point remains.

AG Yost says the documented victim would not have had in order to cross state lines to obtain an abortion.

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