August 7, 2022

‘Alex’s War’ Surges Past Elvis, Jurassic World, Hits Number 2 in Apple Pre-Order Chart

Can it beat Top Gun: Maverick?

The blockbuster new movie ‘ Alex’s War’ has surged to the top 2 of Apple’s pre-orders chart, beating the likes of Jurassic World, Elvis and Justice League.

The film by acclaimed director Alex Shelter Moyer is set to be released within theaters later this month and asks the question, “ Who is Alex Jones? Is certainly he a dangerous lunatic or a patriotic hero? ”

In a stunning sign that efforts to censor the movie have failed, the particular documentary is now placed on number 2 in Apple’s top pre-orders chart, presently sitting just behind Best Gun: Maverick and in front of numerous big budget popular movies including Elvis and Jurassic World.

Moyer, who earlier directed TFW NO GF, a fascinating insight into the incel sub-culture, has returned with a new documentary movie about one of the most controversial men on the planet today.

A truck for the film teases viewers with the promise of using them on a rollercoaster trip showing Jones’ rise from local radio talk display host to national attention and infamy.

“ Alex’s War is definitely an unprecedented close examination of this guarded, mythic figure, and the story of the fracturing from the great American narrative— with the eyes of this man who also helped break it, ” states the blurb associated the film.

The clip charts how the “ most banned, many demonized person in the world” became a target of the regime after his once relatively obscure media empire grew to such a level that it helped elect President Donald Trump in 2016.

Footage shows Jones reducing his teeth in the late 90’s by confronting deceitful councils and exposing tainted local politicians.

It then zooms forward in order to 2015, when a major focal point of Trump launching their presidential campaign was an appearance on Jones’ display during which Trump described Jones as “ amazing. ”

The persecution of Jones in the form of their sustained demonization and deplatforming, which intensified after The month of january 6, is also documented.

“ OK, let’s put me in prison for questioning, even though that’s my right, ” states Jones in the documentary. “ In fact let’s execute Alex Jones, let’s put myself in front of a firing team and pull the induce. ”

“ I have a sick feeling actually, because I know what arrives next, ” he adds.

The movie is going to be showing in select movies building on July 29th and will also be available for video download on a single date.

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