Verified: Casket Salesman Confirms Mass Orders for Child-Size Coffins, Fears Uptick in Vaccine Deaths

Casket maker corroborates Infowars record admitting sales have spiked more than 500%.

A casket manufacturing insider confirmed he’s received bulk orders regarding child-size coffins for the first time actually, which he believes can portend possible mass shot deaths.

Speaking to radio host Stew Peters Monday, Twitter user @highesthalfling revealed his identity as Mick Haddock, the casket salesman whose household business manufactures coffins which are then supplied to retailers such as Costco.

“ My family business will be casket manufacturing in North America. We have received 2 mass orders for sub 5 foot units (children size) in less then six months. Never in 30+ many years of business have we actually sold child size coffins in bulk, ” @highesthalfling tweeted last Monday.

“ Vaccines are killing children. If not, what is? ” he added last month.

Haddock, in whose alarming tweets were the subject of an Infowars report a week ago, told Peters he was surprised to see the child-size bulk orders.

“ The smaller size orders have never been so popular, ” Haddock told Peters, adding, “ I would like to mention that all casket sales are up dramatically in the last two years. ”

ASSOCIATED – Review: Casket Maker Fears Bulk Orders of Child Size Coffins Signal Impending Shot Deaths

Asked exactly what he believed could be compelling the bulk orders, Haddock argued the Covid vaccines are the most likely cause.

“ Call it what you will, magic or the vaccine, but something has happened that is leading to an unprecedented amount of fatalities, ” he said.

Expounding on Haddock’s “ magic” remark, Peters explained there’s a dark satanic side to magic that revels in producing intentional outcomes.

Magic is usually demonic and satanic and that’s everything that we’re seeing occurring right now… So yes, it is magic. But it is also intentional magic. It’s my estimation that this is an intentional story to kill people and today specifically kids. It’s a good intentional plot to make women infertile and men sterile and affect generations and generations in the future – the same as they know that this mRNA technology detrimentally affected rat colonies for four generations. ”

“ What jooxie is seeing here are intended implications, ” he added.

Haddock confirmed, “ We are definitely seeing an uptick in youth moving, it is undeniable at this point. ”

The casket maker went on to say child-size casket orders have improved by 500% over the past seven months.

“ We went through an average of state, 50, 60 [child-size caskets] a year. The last order was 200 and the following order after that was two hundred and fifty. We’ve now basically sold 5 years’ worth associated with stock in 7 weeks, ” Haddock admitted.

The bulk orders arrive as the US government last month became the first country to approve Covid vaccines for infants as young as six months old, while the Canadian authorities seeks to approve jabs for the age group later this month.

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