August 19, 2022

Watch: Boneheaded Biden Shakes Fingers with Thin Air — AGAIN!

Oy vey! Biden racks up numerous Israel trip mistakes.

Joe Biden landed within Israel Wednesday on a diplomatic mission aimed at condemning Iran’s nuclear threats, however simply no sooner had he stepped off Air Force One than he began his brand gaffes embarrassing America around the world stage.

Firstly, Biden looked confused when he stepped onto the particular tarmac to greet some other diplomats, asking, “ Exactly what am I doing right now? ” clearly seeking direction and guidance from the people around him.

He then proceeded to immediate unwarranted advances toward a lady Israeli military service associate, asking if he would reach depart with her.

Throughout remarks delivered on the tarmac, Biden blundered comments regarding the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people, saying the world should try “ to keep alive the facts and honor of the Holocaust, ” before quickly correcting himself to say “ horror of the Holocaust. ”

While the White House claimed Biden would not be shaking hands during the trip, he evidently forgot those instructions right after fist-bumping Israeli Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Yair Lapid. After the fist bump, he basically caressed Lapid and gave Israel’s former PM Benjamin Netanyahu a firm handshake.

But perhaps the the majority of embarrassing blunder came Thursday night during an awards demonstration where Biden was given the particular Israeli Presidential Medal associated with Honor by Israeli Leader Isaac Herzog.

Since the senile septuagenarian was directed off stage by Herzog, Biden turned to his right with his hand extended, seemingly expecting to greet someone; however , no one was there.

The gaffe was similar to a prior faux pas where Biden appeared to turn and shake hands with all the air following a speech from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Apr.

At the time, “ fact-checkers” denied Biden committed a gaffe claiming he merely turned with his hands extended to point to people on his right hand part.

Many will also recall the awkward moment Biden bizarrely held his hands up in fists during a CNN town hall as ansager Anderson Cooper asked your pet a question.

What is going to the fact-checkers say this time?

There’s something wrong with Joe.

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