August 9, 2022

Germany’s New ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Commissioner Known as Ethnic Germans “Potatoes”

Woman who made fun of individuals for being white rewarded with ‘diversity’ role.

Germany’s new ‘ anti-discrimination’ commissioner is coming below scrutiny because she used derogatory language in mentioning ethnic Germans as “ potatoes. ”

Ferda Ataman had been handed the role regardless of being accused of participating in anti-white racism in a publication column she wrote.

In the Spiegel write-up, Ataman wrote that many German born citizens “ sometimes mutate into thin-skinned Emo-Germans” if they happen to be called “ potatoes. ”

“ A surprising number of people see this as insulting discrimination. Why? ” she asked, a strange question given what the reaction would be if brown individuals were collectively referred to as coconuts.

“ So the outrage about ‘ potato Germans’ is about something else. It’s about the inner resistance to deal with your self and your own privileges, ” Ataman waffled.

The slur appears to be similar to how middle class leftists in the United Kingdom refer to white the working class who hold right-wing sights as “ gammon. ”

“ She gets also referred to Germans as “ almans, ” which is derogatory slang for Germans displaying “ typical” The german language traits, ” reports Remix News .

Ataman furthermore bizarrely encouraged ethnic Germans to give their children foreign-sounding brands, while asserting that non-Germans should be given German names.

The commissioner also went on a twitter update delete spree before the lady was given the new position, most probably in an effort to hide her additional odious views.

“ Anyone who has to clean up their past by removing thousands of tweets in order to hide their position should not endure any future responsibility within the federal government as anti-discrimination officer, ” said Christoph de Vries, a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member of the particular Bundestag.

Free Democrats (FDP) member Linda Teuteberg said Ataman represents “ divisive identity politics, defamation of those who think differently and a lack of willingness in order to differentiate. ”

The lesson appears to be that if you openly mock whitened people based on the color of their particular skin, you’ll be rewarded by the government.

Even as we highlighted yesterday, despite having an ‘ anti-discrimination’ office, Germany is still struggling with the concept of diversity being a strength.

Figures released by the German government show that will non-German foreigners are responsible for more than 39 per cent of total murders and 56. 25 per cent of manslaughter convictions, despite representing only twelve per cent of the population.

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