Saudi Arabia Opens Airspace to Israeli Airlines

Riyadh has agreed to allow overflights by all air carriers in a move hailed by the White House as fostering Middle East balance

Leader Joe Biden is acquiring credit for a decision by Saudi Arabia to open the airspace to overflights simply by all air carriers, which this individual claimed will promote better stability in the Middle East by further integrating Israel using its neighbors.

“ Today, We are the first president of the United States in order to fly from Israel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ”   Biden said   upon Friday as he began the 2nd leg of his trip to the Middle East.   “ As we mark this important moment, Saudi Arabia’s decision can help build momentum toward Israel’s further incorporation into the region, including along with Saudi Arabia. ”

Biden said Riyadh’s historic move scars an  “ essential step toward building a a lot more integrated and stable Center East region. ”   He added,   “ While this starting has long been discussed, now, because of months of steady diplomacy between my administration and Saudi Arabia, it is lastly a reality. ”

The Saudi General Authority of Civil Modern aviation (GACA) revealed the new policy late on Thursday, stating it reflected the kingdom’s  “ keenness”   to fulfill its obligations under a 1944 international pact calling for non-discrimination in civil aviation. The decision may also further Saudi Arabia’s efforts to consolidate its placement as a global air centre connecting three continents.

Having to bypass the airspace of the country spanning 830, 500 square miles has overpriced flight times and gas consumption for Israeli plane tickets toward such Asian locations as China and Indian. The new policy is expected to cut hours off the journey times for some routes and will enable Israeli Muslims in order to catch direct charter flights for the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

“ It will be a new period that will bring Asia closer to Israel, ”   Israir CEO Uri Sirkis told Tel Aviv’s 103 FM radio station.

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