August 9, 2022

Sri Lankan President Lands in Singapore on Saudi Airline flight as ‘Pariah’ Status Grows

Even close regional allies see embattled Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa because too much of a liability to get around for more than a day time or two

Apparently even near regional allies like the Maldives see embattled Sri Lankan President  Gotabaya Rajapaksa as  too much of a liability to get around  for more than a day time or two.

While he had initially fled his country on a military aircraft Wednesday just as protesters overran his presidential residence in Colombo and were even enjoying their swimming pool, and with his motorcade later being briefly noticed speeding through the streets associated with Maldive capital of  Malé, he’s now reported in order to have  arrived in nearby Singapore on Thursday. But it seems protests are following your pet wherever he goes.

CNN reports that Rajapaksa  “ has fled Maldives on board a flight with regard to Singapore, a high-ranking security source in Colombo informed CNN, as anger grows in his home country over his refusal to formally resign. ”

Family members were also being ferried out of the capital as it originated into chaos. To leave the Maldives, he may have had some help from the Saudis, the report  continues :

Rajapaksa left the capital of the Maldives, Malé, on board the “ Saudi flight, ”   the source said. Rajapaksa had been waiting to secure the “ private jet” from the close family member in Colombo, but that had “ not materialized, ” the origin added.

CNN believes the source was talking about Saudia flight 788, which usually left Malé at eleven: 30 a. m. according to the source. The flight landed in Singapore at 7: 17 p. m. nearby time Thursday, according to the Changi Airport website.   Saudia is the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia.

Former prime minister and  Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office was also stormed just as  Gotabaya had been safely in the Maldives.  

Wickremesinghe has  authorized the army to “ exercise force”   when need be as government structures continue to come under risk after a state of nationwide emergency has been declared.

“ In view from the escalation of violent functions, protesters intent on harming the armed forces or public property are earnestly urged to desist from many forms of violence immediately or be prepared to face consequences as  members of the armed forces are usually legitimately empowered to exercise force, ” Premaratne introduced. However , this is likely to only further enrage demonstrators in the streets.

Leader Rajapaksa had reportedly been staying at the Waldorf Astoria when he was quickly in the Maldives. But their presence had  immediately sparked protests on the islands.

CNN  describes :

The particular protests took place across the country’s islands— including in front of the Maldivian president’s house— and reportedly grew violent as nearby police attempted to disperse the crowds, which included demonstrators who also carried banners that read through,   “ Dear Maldivian friends, please urge your own government not to safeguard crooks. ”

Even some Maldivian lawmakers got choice words about the choice to give the ex-president refuge, with a member of the Progressive Celebration of Maldives calling it a “ betrayal” for their closely allied country, in accordance to  The Deccan Herald .

Bloomberg  has meanwhile noted within an update that the embattled Sri Lankan president’s  precise whereabouts in Singapore are up to now unknown. Likely he’ll attempt to keep an extremely low profile for fear of protests smashing out there, which would pressure and encourage authorities to continue delivering him on to another country.

As their status as a ‘ pariah’ grows, fueled by the anti-government and anti-corruption protests at home and abroad, it becomes less likely that sympathetic allies may host him in their nations.

The revolution will not be televised .

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