August 7, 2022

Understand Why the NY Instances Published a Puff Item on Alleged Jan six Provocateur Ray Epps

“Ray Epps is the smoking gun of the entire ‘Fedsurrection’” warns Dr . Darren Beattie.

Dr . Darren Beattie associated with Revolver. information joins The Alex Jones Show in order to down how the recent NYT’s puff piece on Ray Epps protects the establishment’s official narrative of the January. 6 protest.

“ The Ray Epps story doesn’t calculate, ” Beattie told Jones Thursday. “ In order to get in front of this, I think this [NYT puff piece] is the opening throw of a massive damage-control campaign that’s going to attempt to make any mention of Ray Epps in any context that contradicts the official narrative so harmful as to become impossible. ”

“ Ray Epps is the smoking weapon of the entire ‘ Fedsurrection, ‘” continued Beattie. “ If it turns out Ray Epps was not an authentic actor on that day, but rather was acting according to a plan that was given to him by several third party … the entire organization narrative on January 6th collapses in one fell swoop. ”

View & share the full explosive interview below:

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