August 7, 2022

Israel Unleashes Airstrikes On Gaza Hours After Biden Leaving

Hamas spokesman stated it was no coincidence the fact that Israeli raids took place right after Biden’s visit to Israel.

Not long after Leader Joe Biden departed Tel Aviv in Air Force One on Friday, becoming the first American president in order to fly straight from the Jewish state to Saudi Arabia after the kingdom opened its airspace to Israeli surroundings traffic, the  Israeli army began pounding Gaza.

“ Hrs after  President Joe Biden  ended a three-day trip to the region,   Israel’s army said Saturday that it had attacked what it said had been a  Hamas  military web site in the  Gaza Strip  in response to a pair of rocket attacks, ”   NBC   reports.

“ In response to the particular attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory, the IDF is  ongoing to target Hamas weapons manufacturing sites in the Gaza Strip , ” the His home country of israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.

Specifically the particular IDF said it targeted a Hamas rocket manufacturing facility located underground. This particular in response to Hamas rockets believed to have been launched at close to 1am.

“ The site targeted was among the largest and most important sites in the Strip for the production of base materials designed for rockets by terror groups, ” the IDF added. An additional two rockets had been later reported fired from Gaza toward an Israeli settlement just northeast from the Strip, however they landed within open areas without hurting anyone.

The particular timing of the Hamas rockets  suggests the group is attempting to send its own message associated with Biden’s Mideast presence ; however , it’s the Hamas aspect accusing Israel of making use of Biden’s visit as ‘ cover’ to launch clean airstrikes, according to  Al Jazeera :

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said it was  no coincidence that this Israeli raids took place just after Biden’s visit to Israel .

“ This escalation, which usually came immediately after US Chief executive Biden’s visit to the Zionist entity, reflects the amount of United states support and encouragement that this Israeli occupation has received for the continuation of its aggression and the perpetration of its criminal offenses, ” he said inside a statement.

Biden had spent two days in Israel, where he met with both Israel and Palestinian management, before a one-day trip to Saudi Arabia where he met with King Salman and controversially with crown prince MbS. Biden held a brief, solo press conference wherein he said that bin Salman told himhe wasn’t responsible for the 2018 murder associated with WaPo columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

“ He basically said that he was not personally responsible for this. I indicated I thought this individual was, ”   said   Biden. “ What happened in order to Khashoggi was outrageous, ” he added. Biden earlier dodged press questions more than whether he would bring up Khashoggi – instead painting an extensive brush stroke of concern more than Saudi Arabia’s “ human being rights” issues.

As for the prior Thursday conferences with Palestinian leadership under PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Biden  endorsed the ‘ two state’ option but also said the “ ground isn’t ripe” just for serious talks   at this point :

“ Even if the ground is not ready at this moment to restart discussions, the United States and my management will not give up on bringing the Palestinians and the Israelis, both edges, closer together, ” Biden said during a joint appearance with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

And as the AP reports, “ Biden offered more than $300 mil for the Palestinians on Friday, including $201 million for any United Nations agency that helps refugees and a proposed $100 million for hospitals. The health treatment funding requires congressional approval. ”

Generally he stuck to the before Trump administration’s position on the conflict, rejecting Palestinian calls to make East Jerusalem the capital of a State of Palestine.

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