August 9, 2022

Malcolm Nance: White Extremists Invariably is an ‘Insurgency’ Worse Than ISIS – ‘We May Have to Fight’ Our Neighbors

MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance, that has spent 36+ years within US intelligence, told Zerlina Maxwell on Wednesday night time that around 30% from the country are white extremists and they’ re a part of an “ insurgency” that “ we may have to battle. ” WATCH: From  Breitbart: “ Here is the United States — to characterize that to comprehend what kind of terrorism […]#@@#@!!

MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance, that has spent 36+ years in US intelligence, told Zerlina Maxwell on Wednesday night that around 30% of the country are white extremists and they’re part of an “ insurgency” that “ we may have to fight. ”


From  Breitbart :

“ Here is the United States — to characterize that to understand what kind of terrorism we might be dealing with, you have to label this as white extremism since we have 30% of the human population of the United States who no longer believe in the democratic norms that people established in the founding of the country. Let’s just be honest about that. The January six uprising was an attempt to overthrow American democracy. And we have now learned from the listening to that Donald Trump designed to go there to mar down to the well of the House of Representatives and basically be crowned as a ruler, ” [Nance said.]

Anchor Zerlina Maxwell asked, “ A person call what is happening an insurgency. We have heard that expression in foreign wars recently in Iraq. Talk about why you apply the term insurgency to what you see here as a prolonged and ongoing threat of domestic extremists? ”

Nance said, “ I was reading their forums. I was reading their own intelligence about what they intended to perform. It was pretty clear when this occurs that they were going to attempt to either overthrow the government or they were going to settle in for a long-term series of destabilizing actions using a political party, the Republican party, as their political base and then using violence, threat of violent extremism as a way to manifest change in the street. So remove politics from the halls of energy and change politics through assault on the street. This is called an insurgency. The insurrection that happened on January six that was one event. A good insurgency is a chain associated with events. It’s common understanding. A year and a half ago, once i was calling this an insurgency, people were saying, absolutely crazy, this isn’t an insurgency, this isn’t like Iraq, not necessarily like Libya, it’s not such as Syria. Well, it is. And it is well on its way. It’s nearer to the beginnings of the Irish Republican Army. You know Irish Republicanism, where now the particular Republican Party is Sinn Fein, and it’s just a matter of seeing who comes up as the original Irish Republicans in this story and starts performing acts of violence to affect change. So we are well on our way to a multi-year campaign that we are already 2 yrs into this campaign exactly where we may have to fight all of them. The ‘ they’ within my title and the ‘ they’ in my title is people who want to kill Americans are your neighbors. ”

Here we have a ALL OF US intelligence analyst, who has  admitted previously in order to torturing hundreds of people   on behalf of the DC regime, suggesting that whitened Americans who voted meant for Trump are part of the terrorist “ insurgency” that should be put down with force and he’s preparing MSNBC viewers to fight (and most probably kill) their neighbors.  

DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas  indicated similar views last year whenever he said that “ extremist” white Americans support the particular Taliban and are poised to carry out terror attacks at any minute.

The FBI has been  manufacturing fake terror plots to bolster this story   and  the media has been using fake data   to hype the artificial threat.

In April,   Nance went over to western Ukraine   to show their support for  the particular Azov Battalion   and joined the Ukrainian military’s foreign legion. He or she claimed he was fighting on the “ frontlines. ” He came back late final month and released his new book two weeks later.

The explanation for his new book,   “ They would like to Kill Americans: The Militias, Terrorists, and Deranged Ideology of the Trump Insurgency, ”   says extremist white Americans, “ which benefit from the ultimate privilege — being white, ” are usually “ a generational terror threat greater than either al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. ”

“ The united states is primed for a feasible explosive wave of terrorist attacks and armed confrontations that aim to bring about the Donald Trump led dictatorship, ” the description proceeds.  

Nance is an intelligence asset trying to prop up a false narrative to bolster  the DC regime’s new Household War on Terror .

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