August 16, 2022

Surge Protein From Vaccine May Persist in the Body For Months and Cause Debilitating Symptoms, Research Finds

The surge protein from Covid vaccination can persist in a person’ s tissues and immune cells for months after vaccination and is associated with ongoing defense mechanisms inflammation and debilitating signs and symptoms, a new  study  simply by U. S. researchers offers found. The study, currently in pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed), analysed blood samples from fifty vaccinated people who were suffering from persistent […]#@@#@!!

The surge protein from Covid vaccination can persist in a person’s tissues and immune tissues for months after vaccination and is associated with ongoing immune system swelling and debilitating symptoms, a new  study   by U. Ersus. researchers has found.

The study, presently in pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed), analysed blood samples from 50 vaccinated people who were suffering from persistent symptoms much like those seen in Long Covid such as fatigue, brain fog and headache weeks or even months after vaccination (an average of 105 times at time of study, which range from 38 to 245 days). These samples were in comparison to blood samples from 35 vaccinated people who did not have this kind of symptoms. None of the participants had had Covid, confirmed by antibody and T-cell tests.

The researchers found significantly raised levels of spike protein within the blood immune cells of these suffering with symptoms similar to Lengthy Covid post-vaccination compared with these without symptoms post-vaccination. This is often seen in the diagram beneath: the higher levels in the right-hand patient columns compared with the left-hand control columns symbolize higher levels of spike proteins (S1) in two different types of immune cell.

Along with elevated spike protein amounts, the researchers found indicators of immune system inflammation in those with symptoms post-vaccination. Depending on this they suggest the mechanism whereby the persisting spike protein in the immune system cells triggers an inflammatory immune system response which causes the outward symptoms. The authors go into a few detail about the particular natural pathways which could be involved.

The outward symptoms experienced post-vaccination were very similar to Long Covid symptoms post-infection, the authors note, save for not including shortness of breath and loss of smell and flavor. In a previous study, released in  Frontiers in Immunology , the same authors had carried out the equivalent analysis on individuals experiencing Long Covid signs and symptoms post-infection and found likewise elevated levels of spike proteins in the immune cells and similar immune system inflammation. Observing that ongoing viral duplication “ may not be required for extented symptoms”, they conclude this particular supports their hypothesis of the common cause of the symptoms both in cases, namely the persistence of spike protein in immune cells triggering irritation.

They include that spike protein persistence from vaccination appears to be a “ major contributor” associated with symptoms similar to Long Covid post-vaccination, and further, that provided the spike protein “ alone delivered by vaccination can cause similar pathologic features”, that it may be a “ main contributor” of Long Covid symptoms post-infection as well. In other words, Long Covid after disease may be being caused or prolonged by spike protein from the vaccine rather than the irritation.

In the authors’ previous study they were silent on whether the samples came from vaccinated or unvaccinated people, meaning it remains open up that they were actually obtaining spike protein from the vaccines rather than infection. In that study the authors noted the particular spike protein identified had been typically in the form of fragments, not really whole virus particles, which is consistent with the possibility they in fact came from the vaccine.

The finding that spike protein can persist in the body for months following vaccination, apparently causing ongoing inflammation of the immune system and debilitating symptoms, is highly significant – and contrary to what the vaccine producers claimed would be the case. This suggests a possible mechanism regarding serious adverse events affecting the cardiovascular system, such as coronary heart inflammation and blood clots, for some months after vaccination. In light of the  high rate of fatalities   from cardio causes in the last 12 months, the possibility that the vaccines may be included should be investigated without delay.

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