August 18, 2022

‘We Are Not Slaves’: Farmers In Italy, Spain, & Poland Join Dutch Protests

Operating class Europeans rising up against WEF’s Great Reset damage.

Farmers in Italy, The country of spain and Poland have  became a member of Dutch farmers  in protest of ‘ green’ government regulations that will decimate the by forcing them to decrease their use of nitrogen fertilizer compounds.

We are not slaves, we are farmers , ” said Italian maqui berry farmers, who drove tractors through the streets of Milan plus blocked city traffic .

  According to the  Morning Star , “ Italian maqui berry farmers face an imminent problems due to a severe drought that has seen a third of agricultural produce placed at risk. ”

The country’s agricultural ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Steafano Patuanelli told parliament earlier this week that  Italy faces a further 40 per cent loss of water assets in the coming decades.

Farmers say they have got lost around € 3 or more billion as a result of the crisis   and are being hit hard by increasing fuel prices with expenses rocketing as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

In Spain, farmers in Badajoz, Granada and Albacete paraded their tractors down the street in solidarity with the foreign farmers, as well as  national protests at home over a lack of as well as gasoline , according to  EuroWeekly News .

And in  Poland, farmers came to Warsaw   last weekend to demonstration against inflation and other authorities actions.

The particular protests haveled to  empty supermarket shelves within the Netherlands , as vehicles and other agricultural machinery possess blocked warehouses, preventing their particular shipment – a move which Prime Minister Tag Rutte has mobilized state police against in an attempted crackdown.

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