August 9, 2022

NPR Launches ‘Disinformation’ Reporting Team Ahead of Midterms

Move by taxpayer-funded corporation comes weeks after the DHS’ failed attempt to establish Orwellian ‘Disinformation Governance Board. ‘

Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) announced its launch of the “ disinformation” reporting group ahead of the midterm elections, compelling widespread ridicule online provided its history of suppressing info and labeling true tales as fake news.

In a note to newsroom staff, VP and Executive Editor Terence Samuel and SVP of News and Editorial Director Nancy Barnes on Friday highlighted how reporters on their new “ disinformation” group have previously covered stories about the “ radical wing of the gun rights movement” and “ voting legal rights and election security. ”

In 2020, NPR – like most liberal media – quickly terminated the Nyc Post’s report about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop as “ disinformation, ” even putting away a publication telling readers that they “ don’t want to waste our time upon stories that are not really tales. ”

By the same token, NPR instead thinks that will “ trans dinosaurs” tend to be more worthy of news coverage:

NPR’s pattern of suppressing newsworthy stories in favor of elevating insignificant woke talking points prompted mockery online following the statement of its disinformation team.

This particular comes just weeks following the Department of Homeland Security shut down its newly-formed Disinformation Governance Plank in the face of general public condemnation of its leader, disinformation peddler Nina Jankowicz.

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