August 9, 2022

UN Secretary-General: Fighting Misinformation ‘A Matter of Life Plus Death’

Panicked globalists dropping control the information war encircling COVID, the Ukraine discord, election integrity, and the Great Reset.

United Nations Secretary-General Antó nio Guterres states fighting “ misinformation” is a “ matter of lifetime and death. ”

“ Marketing communications is not a side concern or an afterthought, ” Guterres   said Tuesday, phoning strategic communications “ main to the success of all our own work. ”

The U. N chief claimed that “ terrorists, criminals, armed groups plus their allies” are using not only “ powerful modern weapons” but also “ misinformation” plus “ hate speech” in order to undermine U. N peacekeepers.

“ The weapons they wield are certainly not just guns and explosives, ” he claimed. “ Misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech are increasingly being utilized as weapons of war” aimed “ to dehumanize the so-called other, endanger vulnerable communities – in addition to peacekeepers themselves – and even give open license in order to commit atrocities. ”

He went on to say that information provided towards the public must be “ grounded in evidence, based on validated data, open to dialogue, grounded in storytelling, and delivered by credible messengers. ”  

“ We need a substantial reform in our communications strategy, upgrading the tools and platforms to reach people around the world, ” he said, adding that the EL has launched a  Global Communications Strategy .

Guterres argued the best course of action to combat misinformation is to use the power associated with Big Tech platforms intended for censorship.

“ The United Nations must enjoy a more deliberate role being an information actor in conflict environments…[and] seen as a trusted source by… facilitating inclusive dialogue, demanding the removal of dangerous speech, calling leaders in order to account, and promoting the particular voices of peace and unity. ”

Guterres’ argument is more of a smokescreen to target the real problem for global leaders: their particular narratives surrounding the Ukraine conflict, the Great Reset, election integrity, and the COVID plandemic – including the ineffective face masks, experimental mRNA vaccines, plus damaging shutdowns – faced major headwinds in recent months.

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