August 18, 2022

Press Sec. Jean-Pierre Calls Proper rights Clarence Thomas “Judge Thompson”

The Biden administration is not sending its best — or maybe it is.

White House push secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mistakenly referred to Supreme Court Proper rights Clarence Thomas as “ Justice Thompson . ”

During a Mon press briefing, Jean-Pierre had been giving her take about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade when she made the slip, claiming “ Judge Thompson” was seeking to more restrict issues related to reproductive : choices.

“ As we know from the Dobbs choice, one of the things we saw from Judge Thompson is that they are looking to go further, whether it’s privacy, contraception, or marriage equal rights, ” Jean-Pierre told reporters.


Jean-Pierre has been fighting at her post as Joe Biden’s press secretary after her predecessor Jen Psaki’s exit in May.

As Politico even noted in late June, “ it’s been the rocky first month designed for White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. ”

“ Her solutions have baffled reporters, and even made some of her Whitened House colleagues wince. She has increasingly found herself revealing the podium or splitting briefings with John Kirby, who has been taking the direct on foreign policy and at times appears to function as a co-press secretary, ” Politico reported , “ And Republicans have zeroed in on her as a helpful punching bag. ”

This is what happens when Biden’s White House is more centered on hiring based purely on misguided woke notions associated with diversity and equity rather than merit or past encounter.

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