August 18, 2022

Vote: 93% of Americans ‘Concerned’ With Inflation Levels Amid Recession Fears

Over half of all respondents confident it will only get worse in the arriving years

A tough majority of Americans (93%) are usually “ concerned” about the amount of inflation, with over 1 / 2 of all respondents (52%) confident that it will only get worse in the coming years, according to a new Fox News  poll .

Recently, US inflation strike yet another unflattering ceiling, eclipsing 9% in June right after already breaking a 40-year record when it reached almost eight. 6% in May.

Among the 93% of respondents are both people who are “ extremely” concerned (67%) and “ very” concerned (25%). However , 42% voiced the optimistic believe that the economy can become “ better” at some point.

The survey’s statistics regarding President Joe Biden’s response to the inflation are usually less than uplifting. The incumbent president was rated negatively in his handling of pumpiing (73%), the economy (68%), immigration (61%), guns (59%) and energy (57%).

Meanwhile, his authorization rating remains anemic: over fifty percent Americans (55%) don’t approve of his performance within the Oval Office, according to the recent  polls .

US inflation hopped to a whopping 9. 1% in June, with fuel prices averaging $4. fifty, according to AAA.

The revolution will never be televised .

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