August 19, 2022

Headache: Battery Dies After Your family Buys Used Electric Car or truck — Replacement Costs More when compared with Car’s Value

Battery dies during vehicle purchased for $11, 000 – Ford suggests they’ll replace battery with regard to $14, 000.

Photographer in Florida regrets paying for an electric vehicle after getting to know the cost to replace its depleted battery is more than the car’s worth.

The Siwinski family assumed they were doing something perfect for the environment when they purchased 17-year-old Avery her first automobile, an electric 2014 Ford Focus.

However , within a few months the car’s battery died, and Ford no longer provides replacement batteries.

When her grandfather searched into replacing the battery, Kia service technicians told all of them they could do it – needed for $14, 000, plus installing fees.

The automobile was initially purchased by the Siwinskis for $11, 000.

Adding insult to injury, the local Kia dealership said they’d take car off their biceps for a measly $500.

Now Avery’s grand daddy, Ray, is warning other sorts of consumers that electric cars will all they’re cracked around be.

“ If you’re buying a new one single you have to realize there is no old market out there, because the makers aren’t supporting the cars, ” Ray told WTSP 12 Tampa Bay.

The family’s problem provides Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday advertised electric vehicles, claiming they will offset the pain people are living with at the pump.

Pete Buttigieg Says If You Can’t Purchase Gas, Buy An Electric Auto

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