August 7, 2022

‘People Don’t Trust Us’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Wonders In the event that Legacy Media ‘Doing A lot more Harm Than Good’

Liberal activist posing as journalist laments collapse of public trust right after polling shows only 16% of Americans still have belief in mainstream media.

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur had a rare moment associated with self-reflection over the weekend when the girl asked if she’s “ doing more harm compared to good” as a reporter whilst trust in media plummets to an all-time low.

During an interview with The Slope to promote her memoir “ Rough Draft, ” Tur admitted that will she considered quitting this news business because the public “ don’t trust” mainstream mass media sources anymore, and wondered if she contributed to that collapse of trust.

“ It’s something which I don’t have a concrete answer to, and that’s not mainly because I don’t love journalism, I do, it’s just convergence of two issues, ” Tur told host Niall Stanage.

“ One of them being that we cover very dark things, in succession, and it appears like its getting darker plus darker and it can be difficult on your mental health, ” Tur said, citing polarized politics, mass shootings as well as other tragic current events.

“ It can be a bit demoralizing, and then on top of that, there was clearly just a Gallup poll out today that shows that the trust in media – newspapers and television – will be hitting an all-time low , ” she said.  

People don’t trust us, imply believe us , and it makes me wonder if this particular job, as I am currently doing it, is effective, but if it’s actual doing more harm compared to good. ”

“ I don’t have an excellent answer for that, though, individuals thoughts linger in the back of the mind, ” she continuing. “ They linger even though because I do love it and I think it’s important and I’m looking for a way to better communicate with individuals. ”

A lot of the reasons people no longer believe in institutional media are because of the fact people like Tur their self for years peddled fake information, amplified political talking points, or suppressed real information stories – like that of Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop .

Here are some egregious illustrations from Tur herself over the years:

In Apr, Tur claimed that there would be “ real and damaging consequences” if Twitter permitted former President Trump back again onto its platform right after banning him permanently in January 2021.

Tur peddled fake news in 2020 that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had been “ braindead. ”

Tur also called people who protested against ineffective forced lockdowns during the beginning of the COVID frighten as “ just plain dumb. ”

In-may 2020, during a segment of Tur trying to shame individuals into wearing masks, the maskless bystander called away MSNBC’s cameraman for furthermore not wearing a mask.

In 2019, Tur claimed that special advice Robert Mueller had “ found quite a bit” associated with evidence against Trump concerning “ Russian collusion. ”

After a two-year investigation, Mueller found absolutely nothing, and the Russia collusion narrative fell apart.

That same year, Tur called for Trump to be impeached, falsely claiming that he “ targets Americans” and “ intimidated witnesses. ”

In 2018, Tur absurdly claimed Hillary Clinton “ had a much deeper partnership with faith” than Trump.

One Twitter user noted examples of MSNBC getting overtly political and refusing to cover newsworthy stories that don’t help Democrats.

This is just Katy Tur and her network.

Here’s MSNBC, CNN, and CBS pundits inaccurately claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “ Ruskies disinformation. ”

In the event that Tur is truly interested in repairing trust in the media, the girl should resign and allow media with integrity to review on current events in good faith, and motivate her colleagues to do exactly the same.

Watch Tur’s full interview:

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