August 18, 2022

Soros-Backed Manhattan DA Drops Murder Charge Against NYC Bodega Worker

Victory meant for corner store employee who have defended himself from attacker

Manhattan’s George Soros-connected District Attorney Alvin Bragg finally decided to drop the murder charge placed against a NYC bodega employee who fatally stabbed a person who attacked him upon July 1st.

The bodega employee, 51-year-old Jose Alba, was charged with second-degree killing   after stabbing 34-year-old Austin Simon in the neck and chest.

Security footage displays Simon getting in Alba’s face and shoving him before Alba grabs a cutlery and defends himself.

On Tuesday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s workplace filed a motion  within the Manhattan Criminal Court to dismiss the charges towards Alba.

The particular DA’s office couldn’t show the “ defendant was not justified in his use of fatal physical force. ”

The motion to dismiss the charges furthermore noted, “ Simon’s perform in entering the store’s small, private area, tossing Alba against the wall to some place he could not escape, and grabbing him by the collar could inspire heavy fear in an older and shorter man as to what may be in store next. ”

“ It is a crime in New York to use bodily force to intentionally restrict a person’s movements by shifting him from one place to an additional or by confining your pet, ” the motion stated.

Alba occured at Rikers Island prison on a $250, 000 connection after being arrested, and faced up to 25 years in jail if convicted of the homicide charge.

The initial jailing and charge against Alba resulted in a massive outcry online and in the media.

“ The message that Bragg sent had been clear to everyone viewing, ” Sibel host Tucker Carlson said. “ And it also was this: If the unlawful who assaults you is part of a favored group, you don’t need the right to fight back, you might not defend yourself. You must consider whatever he gives you since thugs have more rights than you do. ”

Others vented their particular frustration on Twitter:

Perhaps public repercussion convinced the leftist district attorney to reverse course in the nationally covered case.

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