August 9, 2022

‘Alex’s War’ Documentary on Alex Jones Censored by Search engines, Facebook, TikTok

“It’s one thing to deplatform Alex Jones, but should we deplatform anyone from even discussing Alex Jones? ”

Google, Facebook, TikTok, and Facebook-owned Instagram are all suppressing any advertising for  Alex’s War,   a documentary about the heavily censored radio host Alex Jones, in the runup to the film’s premiere.

Alex’s War   premieres on Come july 1st 23, and early indicators suggest it will be highly prosperous. Over the weekend, the documentary raised the  iTunes film preorder rankings , reaching the #2 spot — just behind the biggest blockbuster of the summer,   Top Gun: Maverick.  

However this success has been achieved without the help of Big Tech advertising.

In comments to  UnHerd News , movie director Alex Lee Moyer said Google permanently banned the documentary’s producer from buying ads after the team attempted to promote the documentary to the platform.

Facebook also forbade the movie through being promoted. Facebook by itself told the  Alex’s War  team which the documentary contained “ inauthentic behavior or violations of our own Advertising Policies and Local community Guidelines. ”

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