August 7, 2022

ALL OF US Media Straw Man: The ussr Thinks Ukraine Biolabs Developed ‘Mutant’ Super Soldiers

Western media outlets state Russia ‘losing’ the war due to alleged experimental soldiers

Top U. S. media outlets ran headlines upon Tuesday obfuscating recent remarks made by Russian politicians.

Mainstream disinformation peddlers like the Daily Beast , Yahoo and Newsweek all pushed the false narrative that Russia is certainly accusing Ukraine of implementing “ super soldiers” made in experimental biolabs.

The articles laughed at Russia, claiming they think they’re “ losing for an army of lab-created super soldiers” or “ fresh mutant troops created within secret biolabs. ”

In reality, Russian parliamentarians upon Monday shipped their latest updates in an ongoing analysis looking into American biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Konstantin Kosachev, the deputy speaker of Russia’s Federation Council, and Irina Yarovaya, deputy chair of the Condition Duma, introduced what they known as “ bombshell” findings.

The Russians stated Ukrainian POW blood samples uncovered the soldiers tested beneficial, “ for a number of diseases, including those atypical for the place of Ukraine” and that “ the content of the corresponding ingredients exceeds the permissible norms by several times. ”

Senator Kosachev mentioned “ experiments were produced on” Ukrainian soldiers inside the territory of Ukraine using “ extremely dangerous illnesses, which under certain situations could be distributed for military purposes. ”

Yarovaya then claimed blood tests on Ukrainian servicemen had traces of medications and very high titers pertaining to hepatitis A with 20% of the prisoners testing optimistic for West Nile temperature.

The State Duma vice speaker continued in order to suggest some Ukrainian troops are being drugged “ to be able to generally neutralize the last traces of human consciousness and turn into them into the most merciless and deadly monsters. ”

According to Yarovaya, the alleged drugging explains “ the cruelty plus atrocities with which the military personnel of Ukraine act, the crimes that they use against the civilian population, individuals monstrous crimes that they use against prisoners of war. ”

“ This is a single system of management and creation of the most wicked killing machines, which was marketed under the control of the United States, ” she added.

Russia’s commission investigating U. S. biolabs in Ukraine plans to present its last report in the fall where Yarovaya says the United states biolab network will be “ brought out of the shadow of disguise and present to the whole international community evidence of a dangerous US military-biological project. ”

While Russia’s claims of America “ drugging” Ukrainian soldiers for making them “ cruel” plus desensitized could be true or even completely exaggerated, the mass media is throwing the people from the scent of the biolab tale altogether.

By pushing a straw guy argument that Russia thinks the U. S. is creating Chief America-type super soldiers , the media is not only mocking the story but also distracting in the reality of the shady network of biological laboratories the U. S. works across the planet.

Retired American General and former Illinois Democrat Congressman William Enyart, Jr. appeared on “ Rush Hour” Tuesday night to push the establishment narrative over the labs.

Enyart first joked, “ These Russian legislators must have been watching too many cartoon reruns, ” like the “ Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles. ”

Next, the previous congressman echoed the same disproven narrative that the U. S i9000. biolabs were only used to track and destroy aged biological weapons from the Soviet era.

“ There is no truth to this ancient rumor at all, ” he firmly stated.

Concluding the interview, Enyart and the “ Rush Hour” anchor both pushed the false claim that Russia is usually losing the war in Ukraine.

Enyart said Russia is only blaming the U. S. just for biologically experimenting on Ukrainians because they’re losing the particular war and need a “ bogeyman. ”

“ Clearly, they need someone to blame and that bogeyman will be the United States of America… and mutant ninja turtles! ” he added again.

The media’s lame attempt to put down the biolab story is extremely transparent and it shows they’re worried about the Russian investigation, that could lead to a UN investigation under the Biological Weapons Convention.

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