August 16, 2022

COVID Infections and Deaths within Mask Mandate New Zealand Soar Above Those in Mask Free Australia

Ubiquitous cover up country Singapore also has higher case numbers than Australia.

COVID infections and deaths in New Zealand possess soared above those in neighboring Australia, despite New Zealand maintaining strict cover up mandates and Australia losing them almost entirely.

Wow, it’s actual almost like masks don’t work. Surely not?

The data is explained inside a Daily Mail article eligible ‘ The particular astonishing data that may demonstrate masks don’t work’ .

Masks are usually mandatory everywhere in Singapore and Kiwis are forced to wear all of them in all public indoor spaces.

In comparison, Australia mostly abandoned mask requires and they are only still compulsory on public transport and care homes and health care centers.

Nevertheless , both Singapore and Brand new Zealand now have higher case numbers than Australia.


Per capita COVID passing away rates in New Zealand also overtook Australia within March, despite its tight mask mandates, and have continued to be higher ever since.


“ In Singapore, death prices dropped below Australia within April after racing forward between October and Xmas, but are now surging wildly and are set to overtake Australia once more, ” reports the particular Daily Mail.

“ Of course , this is the particular latest example that shows masks do little or nothing to prevent the spread of airborne viruses, and may make points worse , ” writes Will Jones .

The UK government’s own investigation found that the evidence for the effectiveness of face masks ending the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “ not conclusive. ”

We previously documented on the comments of UNITED KINGDOM government SAGE adviser Doctor Colin Axon, who terminated masks as “ ease and comfort blankets” that do virtually nothing, noting that the COVID-19 trojan particle is up to 5, 500 times smaller than the openings in the mask.

“ The small sizes aren’t easily understood but an imperfect analogy would be to envision marbles fired at builders’ scaffolding, some might hit a pole and rebound, but obviously most will fly through, ” Axon said.

Research in Denmark involving 6, 000 participants also found that “ there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being contaminated by Covid-19, ” the particular Spectator reported .

Regardless of overwhelming data that masks are useless or may even exacerbate the problem, some countries are already preparing to re-introduce all of them.

As we outlined on Monday, Germany is placed to re-impose its mask mandate in September inspite of the summer COVID wave currently “ losing momentum, ” indicating such rules are now being made permanent.

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