August 18, 2022

Putin Blasts “Globalist” World Order as “Totalitarian”

“Holding back innovative pursuit. “

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted earlier today that the “ globalist” world order is certainly “ totalitarian” and is “ holding back creative goal. ”

Putin made the comments throughout a forum in Moscow.

The notorious innovator claimed that the west experienced only achieved its global preeminence due to the historic plunder of other nations together no moral right to enforce a unipolar model on the planet.

“ The model of the total dominance of the so-called ‘ golden billion’ is unjust. Why should this particular ‘ golden billion’ among the planet’s population dominate other people, impose its own rules of conduct? ” Putin asked.

“ In line with the illusion of ‘ uniqueness, ‘ this model splits people into first plus second class status, and is therefore racist and neo-colonial in its essence, ” he added.

“ And the globalist, supposedly liberal ideology which underlies it is increasingly acquiring the popular features of totalitarianism, holding back innovative pursuit, free historical creation, ” Putin claimed.

The Russian Leader went on to stress their view that the globalist world order was built off the exploitation of other countries.

“ Of course , this ‘ golden billion’ did not become ‘ golden’ by accident. It has achieved a great deal. But it did not only undertake its positions thanks to the recognition of some ideas, but to some large extent due to the robbery associated with other peoples – in Asia and Africa. That is certainly what happened. ”

He then proclaimed that western elites are terrified that their global order is being dismantled.

“ No matter how much Western and so-called supranational elites make an effort to preserve the existing order of things, a new era is usually coming, a new stage within world history. And only really sovereign states can make sure high dynamics for development and become an example for others, ” said Putin.

As we have previously highlighted, Putin has consistently blamed the particular west for its own downfall.

Back in March, he offered a speech in which he blamed the particular ‘ western ruling elite’ for creating the economic challenges impacting people in European countries and the United States.

Last year, the controversial strongman blasted the west because “ completely insane” meant for allowing children to be taught there is no biological sex, saying the woke crusade against traditional gender roles was “ subverting human character. ”

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