August 7, 2022

Biden Announces Federal Funding designed for Community “Cooling Centers” As numerous Affected by Rolling Blackouts

Biden management using contrived ‘climate crisis’ to establish cooling centers plus pose as saviors in case of planned blackouts during intense heat.

Joe Biden announced he is allocating money from the Infrastructure Bill to fund community air conditioning centers, which comes as power grid operators are imposing unannounced rolling blackouts amid a prolonged heat wave.

On Wed, Biden announced changes towards the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) allowing it to be applied to purchase air conditioning units, as well as account community cooling centers to cool residents amidst the supposed “ climate crisis. ”

“ For the first time, states will be able to make use of federal funds to pay for ac units in homes, to set up chilling shelters in schools that people can use to get through these extreme heat crises, ” Biden said.

Biden notably did not address the additional strain on the energy main grid that operating hundreds of cooling centers – powered with the burning of “ fossil fuels” – will likely trigger.

The U. S. Department of Wellness & Human Services’ Workplace of Community Services division released a statement Wednesday explaining how LIHEAP may tackle “ cooling facilities. ”

Establish cooling centers,   which may consist of partnering with other public amenities such as local libraries, neighborhood centers, and government buildings, to establish a waiting region where people can remain cool during the hottest periods of the day (usually 10 a. m. -4 p. m. ) . It might also include coordinating along with emergency response teams in states, Tribes, territories, plus localities to ensure that they are aware of cooling centers; how to send people to LIHEAP for instant needs; how to help shift homebound individuals to air conditioning centers if needed; and other related issues.

It’s no surprise the “ hottest periods of the day” typically coincide with peak energy use, yet it’s this time of day time when Texas grid owner ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is applying rolling blackouts, as evidenced by the timestamps in the beneath tweets from Texans who seem to had their power cut.

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Indeed, despite breeze power providing 30% from the power supply, Texans are completely cognizant of ERCOT’s control of the grid, as the corporation abruptly imposed rolling power shutdowns across the state during 2021’s catastrophic polar vortex making millions without power, or even energy to heat their particular homes.

Thus, it appears the Biden administration’s cooling centers is going to be populated by citizens encountering power outages from moving blackouts randomly imposed with them, a circular reasoning type of logic that exercises the particular problem-reaction-solution model casting the federal government as both the enemy and savior under the guise of combating “ climate change” – but it’s a lose-lose situation for energy consumers.

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