August 7, 2022

Confirmed: Tennis Legend Djokovic Won’t Compete at US Open Due to Biden’s Discriminatory Vaccination Policy

Americans is going to be denied opportunity to see champion because he’s unvaccinated.

Organizers from the US Open have confirmed that tennis legend Novak Djokovic won’t be allowed to contend at the tournament next month because of the Biden administration’s ban on unvaccinated foreign nationals getting into the country.

Fresh from his Wimbledon victory, spectators at Flushing Meadows will be denied the opportunity of seeing one of the game’s all time greats purely because the White House is ongoing a discriminatory policy which has been dropped by most other major western countries.

“ The U. H. Open organisers have stated they would respect the Government’s rules on non-citizens getting fully vaccinated in order to enter the country, ruling out Djokovic, ” reports the Daily Mail .

The Serbian, who has won the US Open three times before, won’t risk traveling to the country and encountering a repeat of their atrocious treatment by government bodies in Australia, which ended up within him being deported.

Djokovic previously informed the BBC that while they are not against vaccinations, he’s “ always supported the particular freedom to choose what you place in your body. ”

“ I’m not going to go to America if I don’t have authorization, so the Australian saga for me personally was not pleasant at all, ” he also stated.

“ People nevertheless think I forced my way to Australia and tried to come in with no papers, permission or exemption – it is far from true. That was proven in the court cases, so I would never go into a country where I didn’t have authorization to travel, ” said Djokovic.

Maybe Djokovic should just join a migrant caravan and sneak throughout the border, given that there are absolutely no vaccine checks on those people entering America.

“ It’s an unhappy tip that America continues to discriminate ruthlessly against vaccinated individuals by banning them through visiting the country, even though its own health agencies admit the fact that vaccines do not prevent disease or transmission, ” writes Will Jones .

A petition calling for Djokovic to be allowed to enter the states to compete at the competition has been posted here .

As we highlighted earlier this month, following his seventh Wimbledon title victory, Djokovic vowed that he wouldn’t cave and get vaccinated simply to additional his career.

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