August 7, 2022

EXCELLENT RESET ALERT! Biden Reports Climate Dictatorship, Seizes Control over US Energy

You happen to be witnessing the intentional devastation of the American economy

Alex Jones breaks down the Democrat plan to collapse America, which is already in motion.

Obama’s shadow third presidency, aka the Biden administration, is implementing a globalist agenda that was announced decades ago.

Jones explains, “ They’re not going to do it like the military’s a foreign enemy visiting get you. It’s going to be, ‘ Oh yea, there’s not been power for weeks or several weeks. Oh, everybody’s starving, these types of here to help. You’ve got to visit the football stadium to get food and air conditioning, or heat. And, I told you that in years past and now it’s being announced because I have their battle plan. ”

Roger Stone joins Alex to give their take on the phony weather agenda.

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