August 18, 2022

GOP Senator Warns Biden Administrative ‘Trying To Accelerate’ Unlawful Immigration With New Online Asylum System

Anyone in the world can sign up for asylum online and take off into any airport in America

GOP Sen.   James Lankford  (Okla. )  exposed a strategy by the Biden administration to permit people from anywhere in the world to register for U. S. asylum online and then fly in to any American airport.

Speaking in a Wednesday press conference kept by Republican senators, Lankford shared information he discovered while meeting with Biden authorities earlier this week.

The senator explained that after visiting the southern border many times, he learned the management isn’t even trying to stop or slow down the stream of illegal aliens getting into the country.

Instead, Lankford claimed they’re in fact helping increase the amount finding, saying, “ They’re not simply tracking the number of people crossing, they’re tracking the performance of how they cross. ”

He continued to explain that the federal government is trying to quickly usher illegitimate into the country to avoid news crews filming large groupings gathered at the border.

“ They don’t wish crowds, ” the Ok politician said. “ These kinds of are not trying to reduce the number of individuals, they’re trying to reduce the optics of the number of people. ”

Lankford described a brand new system the Biden administration is working on to help using the bad optics of huge hordes illegally entering the country.

Homeland Protection officials told Lankford they’re working on a “ brand new strategy, ” which is a process where anyone in the world could sign up for asylum online and journey into any airport in the united states.

“ It is clear this administration not only doesn’t want to stop unlawful immigration, they’re trying to accelerate this. They’re not working to prevent it. They’re working to make it more efficient, ” he declared.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino covered the shocking statement by Lankford in the latest episode of his podcast.

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