August 7, 2022

Italian Prime Minister Confirms Intention to Resign

“I should go to the president of Italia to announce my purposes, ” Draghi tells lawmakers

Italian language Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Thursday that he is heading to President Sergio Mattarella in order to confirm their intention to step lower.

The Italian Council of Ministers won a relative majority within a confidence vote held within the republic’s Senate on Wed with 95 out of the 133 senators who participated within the vote supporting the current structure of the government.

“ In light of yesterday’s vote in the Senate, I ask you to postpone the meeting, because I will go to the chief executive of Italy to declare my intentions, ” Draghi told lawmakers.

Last week, Draghi announced his resignation after one of the members of the judgment coalition, the Five-Star Motion (D5Z), refused to take part in the vote of confidence within the government.

Mattarella rejected the resignation and invited Draghi ahead to the parliament for a talk in order to give an assessment of the situation.

The revolution will never be televised .

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