August 19, 2022

Syrian Migrant Kills German Teen, Dumps Her Body at a Sewage Treatment Plant

Residents express anger at Angela Merkel’s open border policy.

Some have expressed anger at former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border migrant policy after a Syrian national was arrested for the murder of a teenage female whose body was found at a sewage treatment place.

17-year-old Tabitha E. left a flat in Asperg, southern Indonesia, on Tuesday afternoon last week, but the alarm was raised after she didn’t return house that evening.

After an extensive police lookup, the girl’s body was found on Sunday at the Leudelsbach sewage treatment plant.

After the home of a suspect was search plus investigators determined the ladies death to be a homicide, the 35-year-old Syrian migrant has been arrested.

“ An outpouring of grief and sympathy for the victim’s family has been witnessed across the local community, with some displaying their anger toward the suspect and his origin, ” reviews Remix News .

“ Some commentators have even fingered Chancellor Angela Merkel for her “ illegal plus inhuman policies, ” within reference to the open invitation for Syrian migrants ahead to Germany in the aftermath of the conflict in their country. ”

However , despite the horrific nature from the crime, police responded to the particular outrage by asserting they were also keeping tabs on hatred indicated online, in other words anti-migrant emotion, which, “ If necessary… will also be prosecuted. ”

Right, because mean words about asylum seekers on the Internet is just as important since refugees murdering teenage young ladies.

As we formerly highlighted , figures released by the German government show that non-German foreigners are responsible for over 39 per cent of total killers and 56. 25 per cent of manslaughter convictions.

Between 2000 and 2020, non-Germans convicted of murder rose from 29. 27 per cent to 39. 02 per cent.

The proportion of foreigners convicted of manslaughter went up from 37. 53 % to 56. 25 per cent.

Foreigners make-up around 12 per cent from the German population, meaning these are significantly overrepresented in severe crimes.

One particular particularly harrowing case that is similar to the more recent murder involved Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of an EU official who was raped, murdered and dumped in a river in Freiburg.

Despite all of this, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel recommended her 2015 decision to allow a million migrants to enter the country was obviously a success.

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