Turmoil Pregnancy Centers Near Campuses Vandalized

Many crisis pregnancy facilities near college campuses are the targets of vandalism attacks

Accounting with regard to a  plurality   of  all ALL OF US abortions, college-aged women are the largest demographic impacted by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade.  

Since the initial Great Court opinion leak on May 2,   many  crisis pregnancy centers located within minutes of colleges have been  vandalized .

The particular incidents are below.  

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, Ohio

Just 2 . 5 miles from the University or college of Akron,   the best to Life of Northeast Ohio has been the victim of two attacks. The first happened immediately following the  overturning of  Roe v Wade   on June 24. The second came on July 8 when a believe was caught on security video spray painting the particular sidewalk outside the center.  

As the  Daily Mail  reported , the particular paint read “ If abortion isn’t safe, nor are you. ”  

Executive Director of the center, Allie Frazer, told  Fox Information that  “ pro-lifers, we know that our work might cost us some thing and that very well could be our own physical safety. ”

Trotter House in Austin, Texas

The facility within walking range of the University of Texas at Austin, The Trotter House was vandalized right after the  Dobbs   decision leak.  

On May 3, abortion protestors took the organization’s banner and littered the facility outside with pro-choice messages,   bragging   on Twitter that the middle had been “ redecorated. ”  

Paula Stenkamp, UT Austin’s Horns for Life public relations officer, who will be acquainted with students who you are not selected at the center, said the particular vandalism is sad plus disrupts support for women.

However , the protest will not distract  Stenkamp.  

“ As a club, we came collectively to discuss what our next steps were moving forward and we’re really excited to promote life at UT! ” Stenkamp said.  

Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center within Lynchburg, VA

On June 25, Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center (BRC), listed  because a  resource  on Liberty University’s website, was  vandalized.

Liberty College students for Life president Summer Smith, who regularly volunteers on BRC, expressed to  Campus Reform  that will she was “ really saddened” to hear news of the vandalism.  

“ We’ve received plenty of hate ourselves, but are going to stand firm on the truth, and continue to care for each mothers and their children, ” Smith wrote.  

Wish Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia, PA

On June 11, Hope Pregnancy Center (HPC), just over three miles from your University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), was attacked by the radical  group   Philly Anti-Capitalist, with   damages   totaling an estimated $15, 1000.  

The girls smashed windows, broke doors, and sprayed the center along with graffiti.  

HPC director Latrice Booker told the  Catholic News Agency   that she is not dissuaded by the harm.

A recent graduate of UPenn and member of campus group Quakers for Life, who requested to remain private, told  Campus Reform  she was heartbroken over the Hope Pregnancy Center attack.

“ They are currently serving a lot of mothers and to try and destroy or compromise that should be unthinkable. These are brave women who may have used their right to decide to decide to keep their infants, and these people have punished all of them for it, ” the alumn said.

Lennon Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights, The state of michigan

On June 19,   Michigan  pregnancy reference centers , the Lennon Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights and the Pregnancy Treatment Center in Redford, grew to become targets of vandalism.

Lennon is located approximately 4 miles from the College of Michigan-Dearborn. The Redford-based center is approximately nine miles from the campus.  

Campus Reform  spoke with Gary Hillebrand, board leader of Lennon Pregnancy Center.

Hillebrand said that though the vandalism “ struck a nerve” in the community, the center’s resourcefulness allowed it to continue to serve customers “ with almost no disruption. ”

College students from surrounding universities are a regular source of volunteers, Hillebrand stated.  

“ It is extremely gratifying that the local community has reacted very swiftly to come to our aid.   People from the encircling neighborhood and the whole community area have [helped] with repairs plus clean-up, and donations. ”

The revolution will not be televised .

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