August 19, 2022

Biden Admin Faces Backlash Over Banning Unvaccinated Djokovic Through US Open

Millions of illegals streaming across border yet top tennis player prohibited from competing in U. S.

The Biden administration is dealing with an increasing amount of backlash more than its decision not to allow Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic to participate in the August-September US Open.

Novak Djokovic has already missed this year’s Australian Open due to his vaccination status and has no plans to get a jab in the near future. They are also set to miss the US Open next month, as overseas travelers aren’t allowed to enter the United States if they haven’t taken mandatory twin doses.

After American tennis games legend John McEnroe plus Texas State Senator Drew Springer hit out on the US president for not letting Djokovic enter the country, television personality Rachel Campos-Duffy, mentioned radio talk show host Charlie Kirk, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, and Senators Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, and Roger Marshall have now just about all come out in the Serbian’s assistance.

“ This is actually the dumbest thing ever! Can someone wake sleepy May well up from his nap and tell him the pandemic is over? Our government is constantly on the work for #BigPharma? ” Campos-Duffy’s angry Twitter post said.

“ So let me get this straight. The US Gov’t will let millions of unvaccinated illegals stream over the border and buy them routes to anywhere they want to move, but they won’t let the planet’s best tennis player come to New York and compete in america Open? This is a disgrace, ” Kirk stated on the social networking.

“ This is absolutely despicable. @DjokerNole is the best tennis gamer in the world who performs at an ua elite level struggles to compete in a premier sports event in the US because of politics, ” Tenney wrote over the microblogging platform.

However , the harshest critique of Biden’s vaccination policy came from Senators Ted Jones, Marsha Blackburn, and Roger Marshall. While Cruz bluntly demanded “ let Novak Djokovic play, ” Kansas Senator Roger Marshall the ban on the 21-time  Grand Slam   winner “ a shame, ” before emphasizing how the 35-year-old tennis player has been “ an extremely healthy person with a low risk associated with death from COVID. ”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn labeled the particular policy as “ dangerous. ”

Netizens also jumped into the debate, slamming the decision not to permit Djokovic into the US.

The growing assistance for Djokovic comes days after the US Open organizers released a statement having said that they will follow the government’s suggestions on COVID-19 vaccination intended for players’ participation in the event.

According to US govt rules, a foreigner must be double vaccinated to enter the nation, so unless the specialists make changes to their immunization policy, Djokovic won’t be capable of play in the US.

The particular revolution will not be televised .

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