August 18, 2022

Should Watch! Alex Jones & Steve Bannon Discuss The Great Reset, MAGA & The particular Fight For America’s Future

The two titans of the liberty movement lay out the particular battle plan to retake The united states from the destructive forces associated with globalism.

Infowars founder Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s “ War Room” podcast upon Saturday to break down the existential battle taking place between American patriots and the globalist technocrats trying to implement their Great Reset agenda.

The two titans of the liberty movement discussed Jones’ upcoming documentary “ Alex’s War” as well as the New World Order paradigm envisioned by best globalist thinker Zbigniew Brzezinski that Jones highlighted in his upcoming book “ The Great Reset and The War For your World. ”

Be sure to pre-order your copy associated with “ Alex’s War” these days — shipping starts upon July 29th!

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