August 7, 2022

British Media Runs With ‘Putin Replaced With Body Double’ Conspiracy Theory

If Putin lived through all the illnesses our media claims he is been stricken with on the decades, then he’s actually the strongest man on the planet.

There is absolutely no anti-Russian propaganda too ridiculous for the British media to run with.

On Tuesday, The Everyday Mail reported that Russian president Vladimir Putin was seen “ hobbling” with his “ arm hanging limp” while arriving in Serbia.

Just four times later, The Daily Postal mail reported that Putin actually appeared too spry, “ animated” and “ alert” on his visit to Iran plus must have been replaced by a “ body double, ” according to Ukrainian intelligence.

“ Ukrainian resources noted he moved unusually quickly and was a lot more alert than in prior public appearances, ” The Every day Mail reported. “ The particular Russian premier looked cartoon when greeting the waiting party, before removing their jacket and clambering right into a heavily armoured limousine. ”

From  The Daily Mail, “ Vladimir Putin was replaced by a BODY DOUBLE whenever he flew to Serbia to meet Turkey’s President Erdogan, Ukrainian intelligence claims” :

The Vladimir Putin body ‘ double’ may have been used for his arrival at a summit within Tehran this week, according to the mind of Ukrainian military cleverness.

While the Russian leader looked awkward as he came down the steps of his presidential plane within Tehran, Ukrainian sources noted he moved unusually quickly and was more notify than in prior public appearances.

The Ruskies premier looked animated whenever greeting the waiting party, before removing his coat and clambering into a heavily armoured limousine.

Intelligence supremo Major-General Kyrylo Budanov was suspicious in the live interview on Ukraine’s 1+1 news channel.

Ukrainian reports stated Budanov suggested a Putin lookalike could have flown to Tehran to meet with the presidents of Iran and Chicken.

‘ I am going to only hint, ‘ this individual said.

‘ Please look at the moment of Putin’s exit from the plane. Is it Putin at all? ‘

What we should were told was Putin’s new signature limping plus hobbling is now his uncharacteristic youthful spring in his phase that can only be explained by him having a entire body double!

According to the media, Putin has had malignancy about 50 times over the past two decades but somehow he is lived through it every time.

If Putin resided through all the ailments the media claims he’s already been stricken with over the decades then he’s literally the particular strongest man in the world.

On Wednesday, CIA director William Burns  lamented   that will Putin is “ entirely too healthy. ”

“ There are lots of rumors about President Putin’s health and as far as we can tell he’s completely too healthy, ” Can burn told NBC News.

No doubt Burns has been just tricked by Putin’s giant network of body doubles!

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