August 18, 2022

Dershowitz Says Bannon’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Conviction Will Be Overturned

“Number one particular, he didn’t have a court. Number two, the assess took his defenses far from them, ” liberal attorney claims.

Previous White House strategist Steve Bannon’s “ unconstitutional” contempt of Congress conviction will be overturned on appeal, according to liberal constitutional lawyer Joe Dershowitz.

Dershowitz said in a Newsmax appearance Saturday that Bannon’s conviction by a DC jury was “ entirely foreseeable and entirely in breach of the Constitution. ”

“ The only provision of the Constitution which seems basically twice is demo by jury, in and in front of a fair court, ” Dershowitz told sponsor Greta van Susteren. “ Number one, he’s not – he didn’t have a court. Number two, the determine took his defenses away from them. ”

“ The particular judge denied him the jury trial. They more than likely allow him to put it on evidence that he believed that there was an executive freedom involved and he wanted the judicial determination before he or she violated the executive freedom. That issue could not become presented to the jury. ”

“ So as I predicted on this show, on other shows prior to, the conviction was a formality. The only issue is will it be reversed by appeal, possibly by the appellate court within the District of Columbia or even by the Supreme Court? ” he said. “ I think it’s very likely that this conviction will be reversed at some point. ”

Dershowitz contended that charging people with disregard of Congress when the query of whether he would have got violated executive privilege simply by complying with a subpoena hasn’t had a judicial determination is “ a major constitutional problem. ”

Bannon was convicted on two contempt of Congress charges Friday, which carry the maximum sentence of 2 yrs in jail.

Bannon’s lawyer David Schoen delivered a similar analysis as Dershowitz following the verdict, saying his client has a “ bulletproof appeal. ”

“ You will see this case reversed on appeal. You will see all of these resources– 3 federal prosecutors, four FBI agents– for a misdemeanor are now being wasted, ” Schoen informed reporters Friday.

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