August 18, 2022

‘There are Men, and You can find Women’: Trump Speaks in Defense of Two Genders

In 2018, the Trump administration reportedly considered defining gender as an unchangeable condition determined solely by a person’ s biology.   Previous President Donald Trump handled upon gender­ -related issues as he addressed supporters in Turning Point USA’ s College student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida on Saturday night time. He said that Republicans “ believe in two genders”, including “ there are men, and […]#@@#@!!

In 2018, the particular Trump administration reportedly considered redefining gender as an unchangeable condition determined solely by a person’s biology.  

Former Leader Donald Trump touched upon gender­ -related issues as he addressed supporters at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Peak in Tampa, Florida on Saturday evening. He declared that Republicans “ believe in two genders”, adding “ you can find men, and there are women”.

In an apparent reference to the particular Biden administration, he also said that “ you can’t train the Bible but you can educate children that […] men can get expectant. ” The remarks followed United States Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine being reprehended over “ deeply disturbing” calls to “ empower” kids to get sex reassignment surgery.

View Trump’s full speech:

“ Trans youngsters are vulnerable. We really want to base our treatment and also to affirm and to support plus empower these youth, to not limit their participation in activities such as sports, and also limit their ability to sex affirmation treatment in their condition, ” Levine, who is transgender ‘ herself’, and has resided till 2011 as a natural male, told MSNBC.

This was preceded from the US State Department announcing in late October 2021 the government would be issuing new passports with an “ X” gender designation for those who recognize as non-binary, intersex and gender nonconforming. 63-year-old Dana Zzyym, a disabled Navy veteran and intersex activist from Fort Collins, Co, became the first to receive such a passport

In 2018, the New York Occasions cited a leaked memo by the US Department of Health and Human Services because saying that the government needs to adopt a uniformed definition of gender “ on a biological foundation that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable. ”

Under the memo, the legal associated with sex would be determined because male or female based on the genitals an individual was born with as listed on the person’s birth certificate.

“ The intercourse listed on a person’s delivery certificate, as originally released, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence, ” the memo reportedly underlined.

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